Monday, February 21, 2011

Rhythm of the Artistic Soul

Black history month commemorates the achievements of people of African descent across the Diaspora. UBS's vision of diversity reaches across the breadth of the globe, celebrates different backgrounds and cultures, lauding achievements, excellence and progress. In honor of Black History Month 2011, the UBS LEAD Network proudly presents "Rhythm of the Artistic Soul", which runs the entire month of February with an opening reception on February 2, from 5 to 7pm at the UBS Stamford Headquarters.
"Rhythm of the Artistic Soul" features works by 15 visual artists who are influenced by African Diaspora Music: Elise Black (CT), Larry Poncho Brown (MD), Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper (MA), Stacey-Robin Johnson (NY), Kwame Henry Jones (NY), Kojo Kamau (OH), Voodo Fe' Leon Mathelier (NY), Ibou Ndoye (NJ), Chris Osborne (CT), Jean Pointdujour (CT), Edward Sherman (NY), Sherry Shine (NJ), Suhas Tavkar (NY), Anyta Thomas (PA), and Dane Tilghman (PA). These multicultural artists wonderfully exemplify the power of diversity as they represent ethnic backgrounds including—African-American, European, Haitian, Senegalese, Jamaican, and Eastern Indian.
Artworks selected for "Rhythm of the Artistic Soul" offer a colorful and rhythmic visual of the evolution of African American music, as we know it today. Exhibition curator, Valerie A. Cooper of Picture That, LLC describes the curatorial goal: "The body of work assembled illustrates the historical evolution of African Diaspora Music from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and Europe—ultimately arriving in North America. While the Africans were forced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands, they brought with them the rhythm, soul, beat, and flow of their culture, expressed through music. Our exhibiting artists have chosen a multitude of mediums, which highlight the ways this music has profoundly shaped the lives and souls of the American people at large." Music genres featured include: African Drumming and Mbalax; Caribbean and Afro-Cuban; Reggae and Ska; Gospel, Be-Bop, Blues & Rock; Traditional and Progressive Jazz; R&B, Soul and Funk; and Hip-Hop. Read How the Music Genres Relate to the Art

Rhythm of the Artistic SoulAn Eclectic Visual Art Collection of African Diaspora Music
February 1 through February, 28, 2011
UBS Cultural Fine Art Gallery
UBS Stamford Office, 677 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT
For Information Contact 203-977-8203

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